Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"In 2011 I talked with Ryan about possibly selling my home and relocating closer to my place of employment. I was reluctant at first because I had built this log cabin with my ex-husband and we raised our two children in this beautiful home in Morgan. Ryan pointed out to me all the reasons of why I should place it on the market especially now that I was single and the amount of work that entailed in the up-keep of the property. The driving distance to work one way was 27 miles and with gas prices sky rocketing it made more sense every day. Ryan was phenomenal. He came to the house took pictures had them place in several local publications and within a few months I had a buyer. I soon found myself of having to find a property closer to work. Ryan showed me several properties, but always kept in mind what my limitations were. I had had a knee replacement and cancer in the past two years and even though I considered myself to be fairly independent, Ryan knew what I was looking for and what my life style required. I finally found the home that I wanted to purchase and contacted Ryan. It was listed with another realtor. Ryan immediately contacted the other realtor and we walked through the home. It was exactly what I was looking for and almost an identical floor plan to the home I just sold. It was within three miles from work, town and all the amenities that I would need. The listed price was 20k higher than what I had sold my home for and what I could afford. Ryan got right on the phone and next thing I knew we had worked out a price. I am going on my second year of living in my new home and have no regrets! I couldn't have done this without Ryan's help and persistence. Thank-you! "
"Kerry Wevurski is a professional all the way! Being from out of state we relied heavily on Kerry's knowledge and recommendations. She kept us informed on the feedback and comments made in regards to our property that we were selling. We would definitely recommend Kerry and her agency to our friends and family."
"I have worked with Kerry on two different real estate deals. She is very knowledgeable about real estate. She patiently spend days and days helping me find just the right properties and I found the whole process went extremely smoothly and Kerry was able to guide me through and answered all my questions and concerns. I look forward to working with Kerry when I start looking at properties again. I truly believe there isn't a more caring or knowledgeable Realtor in the North East Kingdom." 
"Kerry Wevurski was our listing agent. She worked really hard to sell our place. She kept us informed when there were showings and Kerry's knowledge of the area, people and contacts MADE the whole selling process go smoothly. She's a professional all the way!!!! I will definitely recommend your agency to my friends and family. " -Joanne Giroux, Broad Brook, CT
"Kerry Wevurski and my Vermont Experience. Over the years I've had many realtors work for me. Most have been in the catagory I'd class as "did what they needed to do to make the sale." When I started looking for property in Vermont, I came across some of the same ol' same ol'. Then, as luck was good to me, I was referred to Kerry Wevurski. At first I was a bit annoyed with my Burlington realtor as she was supposed to show me properties in the NEK. However, when I met with Kerry I was overjoyed to find I was now dealing with one of my future neighbors. When I have a realtor work for me I Expect to have them do a little extra, expecially when I'm 3000 miles away. With Kerry the Extra was over the top! Talk about a realtor I was happy to see make their commission. Kerry, in my book, is one of those I class as "One Of A Kind." Thank you Kerry for making my returning Vermont Experience one of ease and pleasure. I have, and will continue to do so, recommended you to friends who have seen what a wonderful place we now have in Jay!"
"Our experience with Kerry Wevurski was, in a word, outstanding! We so appreciated her working within our time constraint(picture a straight jacket....tight!) as we lived in Oregon at the time. This brought up many extra's for Kerry to handle. I really appreciated the combination professionalism with the personal connection. I felt like she was a family member by days end which gave me personal peace of mind about the cross country move. The icing on the cake was arriving in our new home past midnight last October to find she had turned on the heat, brought in the mail, box's and left us a welcome to Vermont basket. It's true, a realtor is more than a liason, they really do bring you home. She is tops! We are forever grateful."
"My husband and I had an exceptionally wonderful experience working with Kerry Wevurski purchasing our vacation home in Derby Vermont. Our primary home is in Virginia, but we loved vacationing in Vermont. So when the house we had vacationed in during several summers went on the market, we knew it was meant to be ours. Kerry was the real estate agent for the sellers. But she acted as our agent as well. Kerry is very experienced and knowledgeable about Vermont Real Estate; right away she made my husband I know we were in great hands. Kerry walked us through everything, sometimes multiple times when we needed to hear it again. She communicated via phone and via email to answer all our questions very quickly. I knew if I sent her an email or called she would be back in touch within a few hours or early the next day; she was always available to us. When we asked she provided excellent recommendations on inspectors, lawyers, contractors, trash collection and so much more. In fact Kerry continued to help us once we closed on our home. She had a Kayak that was supposed to be delivered to our home dropped off at her office and brought to our home when the truck couldn't get down our street. She has come to our aid so many times that we can't thank her enough. I knew we loved Vermont for its beauty and way of life, we didn't know we would love it so much for the hospitality we were shown by our Realtor. If you are thinking of buying property in the NE Kingdom, go through Kerry Wevurski at Jim Campbell Real Estate, you won't be disappointed."
"Ryan Pronto and Craig Crawford at Jim Campbell real estate need to be applauded for the super job at keeping me updated on all transactions and conversations though out the sell of our east main property. They took care of all loose ends and every aspect of the sale. Truly 2 young professional employees that made our transaction an truly enjoyable if not fun sale. Always looking after both parties interest from day one. I highly recommend Ryan and Craig for all your real estate needs. Thank you guys! "
"The entire team at Jim Campbell Real Estate made buying our home a breeze. My husband and I do not live in Vermont at the moment, but that did not deter Jim. He and his associates gave us the individualized support that we needed to find and purchase our dream home from thousands of miles away. They were flexible, patient, and practiced transparent, candid communication so we always knew what to expect and there were no surprises. This was all done with no pressure to buy a home that wasn't exactly what we were looking for. We made the mistake of trying to work with a corporate big-name nation-wide realtor company first, but it was quickly realized that they (the corporate realtor) did not value our patronage or see us as people versus a quota to meet. We found the exact opposite experience with Jim and his team. Every phone call, every email was responded to within just a few hours at most, though most were returned in minutes. They even helped us find a local financier, and provided us recommendations for local tradesmen should we need any sort of contractor-type assistance. Jim and his team are without a doubt the best in the business. We'd recommend them to anyone."
"Jim and staff went above and beyond to help me sell my place in a timely manner. I was kept informed about my transaction. Each time there was something to report, I received a call, text or email. Excellent level of knowledge and courtesy!!!! "
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